What are the main features of the transportation market in the US?

First of all, it must be said that motor transport is the main mode of transport for transporting goods in America: it accounts for about 70% of all transportation, which means that this area is important for the entire economy of the country. This is told by the organizers truck dispatch training classes.

There are several significant players in the American transport market. Of course, there are large companies, but most of them are companies that have less than 50 trucks, since more trucks require significantly more administrative costs, which is not always profitable. At the same time, it is impossible not to say about individual transport companies, when a person has one truck (purchased or leased) with a license to transport goods.

Finally, there are the so-called “owner-operators” – these are people with one car, but without a license to transport goods, and therefore they offer their services to transport companies. Among the latter, there are many “ours” (Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, and so on), who are generally quite numerous in the United States.

The average freight price per mile in the country (English national average) today is 1.8-2 dollars. If we talk about specific types of freight transport, then for an ordinary truck it is 1.8-2.2 dollars, for a refrigerator – 2-2.5 dollars, for a tractor with an open flatbed trailer – 2.2- 2.6 dollars. The more profitable direction of transportation is west-east, the less profitable one is east-west.

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