What are the main features of the delivery of goods from the USA?

1. A large number of American companies relieve themselves of the obligation to control the delivery of goods to the end point and limit themselves to the transfer of goods to the carrier what it says on the https://en.truckdispatchertraining.us/intermodal-dispatcher-training/. In this case, it is necessary to take care of who will take full responsibility for the further movement of the cargo, its safety, execution of export documents, control over loading and unloading operations, control over the compliance of the goods with contractual obligations and requirements, etc.

2. A long distance of transportation increases the cost of shipping goods from the United States and the time of their transportation.

3. Delivery can be via air or sea. Is it important to deliver the goods as quickly as possible? Your path is air transportation. Sea transportation is longer, but much cheaper.

4. As a rule, the delivery of goods from the USA consists of sea transportation to one of the European ports or to St. Petersburg. After that, the cargo is delivered to the end point by road.

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