Types of transport logistics

There are two directions in this area: internal, when the goods are transported to the company and its subsidiaries, as well as external – the transfer of products to consumers.

But there are a little more varieties of transmissions and truck dispatcher classes. They include:

Multimodal. It is used in cases where the product needs to be delivered from another country, and for this, several types of means are involved. For example, a train and a car, or an airplane and a ship.
Unimodal. The route is designed so that one transport is enough.
Intermodal. This method is similar to the first. The only difference is that the process is organized by one operator, but from two carriers.
Mixed. Another type of transportation in logistics, where cargo is transported, for example, by car to the point where it is necessary to load the parcel on the railway.
Combined. Similar to the previous one, but more than two types are used.

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