How to organize an office move?

Moving an office can seem like a daunting task as confirmed by the organizers truck dispatcher school. This is especially true for premises where 100 or more employees work, each of which accumulates an impressive amount of personal belongings. This should include not only documents, but also stationery, souvenirs, personal property and office equipment. That is why, when moving from one business center to another, this process should be organized as competently and efficiently as possible.

An important role is played not only by the transportation of things from place to place, but also by their proper packaging, after which you can quickly unpack everything and immediately get to work. After all, every day spent takes away customers from the enterprise, deprives it of the opportunity to provide its services, and, consequently, reduces income. Therefore, the question that worries many managers is how to properly organize an office move?

Drawing up an action plan for an office move
To make the process as convenient and comfortable as possible, it is worth resorting to drawing up a plan. Furniture, office equipment and documents must be delivered one

by one, as well as separately from each other. These three items are most important during planning, and together they make up what is called an office.

The worst thing is confusion, disorganization and even slight panic. In order for everything to go like clockwork, you need to draw up an action plan in advance:

make an informed decision – here it is important to take into account upcoming expenses, the possible benefits of changing the office, as well as calculate the losses that may arise and aggravate business affairs;
appoint colleagues responsible for the relocation – you should not try to do everything through the efforts of a friendly team, you need to give clear instructions and distribute responsibilities between employees;
prepare all inventory and things – this stage affects how fast, correct and efficient the moving process will be;
take care of the process of transportation and arrangement of a new premises.
Organizing an office move correctly means planning and thinking through the process to the smallest detail, performing it step by step. The difficulty of transportation lies in the fact that the cargo is quite diverse. It can be furniture, archives, flowerpots, appliances, flowers, kitchen utensils, and so on. The best option for such a move is the help of a qualified company. So you can save your time and start working in a new place as quickly as possible.

What to look for when choosing a transportation company?
No matter how carefully you organize the preparatory process and try to control it, the success of the entire operation depends on the right choice of moving company. Real professionals with many years of experience can handle office transportation.

Only a moving company specializing in freight transportation services has in its fleet a line of necessary vehicles and loading equipment that is able to cope with oversized cargo.

Preparations for an office move

There are several tasks that are essential to complete before moving:

make a complete list of what will be transported;
think over the layout of the arrangement of furniture and office equipment in the new premises, taking into account the dimensions of the new office;
invite a moving company specialist who will find a cargo taxi, determine how many vehicles and movers need to be involved, and sign an agreement with him;
collect and pack personal belongings of employees;
spread out folders, books, office decor;
turn off office equipment and assemble it with high quality;
dismantle, disassemble and pack cabinets, shelves, cabinets, racks, office safes;
load all things;
arrange insurance;
clean up the room.
It is worth organizing neat storage and placement of equipment in boxes, as well as securely fastening it during transportation to avoid damage. Do not skimp on packaging that provides reliable protection for all inventory.

Labeling each box is one of the main nuances in any move. Attach information sheets with information about what is inside the package and what part of the office the boxes are for. Such marks will greatly facilitate the process of unpacking and help to avoid confusion during the analysis of things. A rational approach and compliance with all preparatory procedures will allow you to follow the planned plan, save money and meet the agreed deadlines.

Organizational issues on the day of the move
So this crucial moment has come – be prepared for the fact that the day will start quite early and end late. You should be patient and appoint responsible colleagues who will exercise control in both offices. An employee located in the old building must ensure that all things are loaded into the car carefully. And a colleague in the new premises will be responsible for receiving the goods – it is in his competence to manage the process of unloading the boxes.

Separately appoint a responsible person who will deal with the transportation of documents and securities. Organize a transfer and a lunch break for the team. The main task of the leader is to exclude the accumulation of a large number of people, which can lead to turmoil and confusion. He must monitor the even distribution of tasks between colleagues, and also be prepared for force majeure situations that may arise during the entry process.

How to avoid problems during an office move
The advantage will be the creation of a lost and found center in the old office – in the process of collecting things, there will certainly be old losses. Specify in advance the nuances of assembling furniture: who will do it and when. After this stage, arrange office equipment and connect it. Cleaning is the final touch, invite a cleaning company.

Organizing an office move is now even easier. With our help, you can quickly and seamlessly move from one workplace to another in the city of Kyiv. And don’t forget to celebrate the housewarming. Organize a team building activity for your team to help reduce the stress of the move. A change of office is a great reason to celebrate.

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