Freight dispatcher – how to get into this business

Trucking dispatcher – one of the many professions that are involved in the process of transporting goods. At the same time, it takes a very important place in the chain of transportation services. What are the duties of a dispatcher? How to organize the work of the dispatcher for cargo transportation? This is what we are going to talk about in this article and on dispatching trucks course.

What is the work of the freight manager
Trucking dispatcher is a production link that provides a link between the cargo owner and the carrier. That is, he assists the cargo owner in the selection of the required transport for delivery, taking into account all the nuances and characteristics of both the cargo being transported and the nature of transportation.

Manager, thanks to his experience and communication skills, is able to find the right vehicle for a client in the short term, and trucking provides a profitable order. In addition, the Freight Dispatcher assumes responsibility for coordinating the interaction of several customers in the delivery of partial loads.

Cooperation with the Freight Forwarder is beneficial to both shipping companies, and for shippers. It eliminates the need to search for a carrier. An experienced and competent manager not only picks up the necessary transport, but also monitor the movement of cargo on the entire route.

By the nature of the work of the dispatcher is in constant contact with people, solves a variety of problems. Psychological stability, politeness, readiness to provide service to the client and self-control are the main features of the dispatcher.

How to organize the work of a trucking dispatcher
If you have decided to organize your business on dispatching services, you should first have a complete idea of the work to be done. First of all you should register your enterprise, as a rule it is either LLC or individual entrepreneur. Be sure to register with the local tax authority and open a checking account with a reliable bank. It is not necessary to start your business as a dispatcher in a separate office. You can start by working from home. To do this, you will definitely need a phone: landline and cell phone. If you use a cell phone, you will need an unlimited rate. You will also need a fax machine and an e-mail. All of these techniques you need to own confidently and fully. Cell phone service must be on 24 hours a day and you have to be in touch all the time.

The principle of the work of the dispatcher is not particularly difficult. All work with customers is based on a contract, according to which you search for customers or appropriate vehicles. Once the terms of the contract are agreed, the cargo is sent to its destination. Along the way, the dispatcher monitors the passage of the vehicle with the cargo. Once the cargo has arrived at its destination, and this is confirmed, the functions of the dispatcher can be considered over. It remains to get remuneration from the client. Usually it is a stipulated percentage of the total amount of the contract (10-15%).

The search for clients is also no problem. To do this, you should send your data to transport companies. Start with those who do not have their own fleet of cars. Do it with the help of the Internet by fan mailing. Place your ads in several popular publications of your city. It is advisable to put your contact information in all cargo-related databases and websites. This will increase your visibility and will guarantee that you will start getting orders. Do not skimp on advertising. It will pay for itself much faster than you anticipate. To improve the effectiveness of advertising, before placing it, think about where your target audience can be.

Next, you need to study in detail the available businesses and organizations in your city. Select from them those of them, which in their production activities may need to transport any cargo. Do not expect anyone to only want to use your services. As a rule many companies already have established relationships with dispatchers and carriers. However, it would not be superfluous to send e-mails and simple letters offering cooperation to the management of these organizations. After all, life does not stand still. If you can visit them in person, be sure to do so – it will increase your chances of getting new clients on a long-term basis.

Despite the fact that carriers and cargo owners who have been involved in trucking for a long time have their own dispatchers, they will always readily take your contact information as a backup. The trucking market is constantly changing. Circumstances may arise where your services will come in handy.

Constantly analyze the trucking market. You must have data on each transportation company or private entrepreneur. It is necessary to know the direction of their main activities, the routes used, the coverage of the territory, whether they work in the city, region, whether they can engage in international transportations. You should also specify for each company, which fleet they have. One of the important factors for the customer are the rates. You should always be aware of their changes. Maximum collected data will give you the opportunity to quickly offer the customer several options. And this will affect your reputation and, consequently, the expansion of the client base and income.

Take the documentation very seriously. All the details should be taken into account, so that no misunderstandings arise in the future. If something does not make sense to you or raises doubts, it is better to clarify or ask again. Compiling documents, specify the type and number of the car, the passport data of the driver. All seals should be easy to read and match the name of the organization. Write in detail the name of the goods, the quantity and type of packaging. An important factor is the delivery time of the cargo.

Work with the customer should begin with the conclusion of a written contract. It serves as a guarantee of receiving compensation for the work done by you. Payment of fees in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the contract. It depends on the agreements made with the client: a fixed sum, a percentage of the transaction or the value of the goods. Payment is usually made at the end of delivery of cargo to the recipient in cash or cashless form.

Further work as a freight forwarder will only depend on you, your initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to connect with people. It remains to wish you good luck and success in this activity.

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