Export declaration

The export declaration (EX-1) is a document that participants in foreign economic activities must submit to the customs authorities. It serves, among other things, to confirm the customs value of the goods and is drawn up by the supplier or his agent, licensed and authorized by the seller. Usually, the role of such agent is a freight forwarder or transport company engaged in transportation. They talk about it on the truck dispatcher training.

This document is necessary for exporters of goods for VAT refund. The importer needs it to calculate customs payments, and the carrier must have a copy to submit to the customs authority when crossing the border.

In EEC countries export declaration is executed and submitted in electronic form. In this case the marks that the cargo has left the customs authority are stored in a specialized database.

What is included in the export customs declaration
Information about the cargo – weight, volume, number of units.
Information about the sender and recipient of the goods.
The country of arrival of the goods and the name of the customs clearance authority.
Information about the vehicle that carries out the transportation.
Customs value of the goods.
The quota for the goods, if any, and other additional information about the transaction.
In addition, the number and date of the invoice, which served as the basis for the sales transaction, must be indicated.

What else is important to know when filing the customs declaration
According to the rules of clearance, the declaration must be filed no later than the shipment leaves the territory of the country.
If goods from the same consignment fall under different customs clearance procedures, separate declarations must be made for them.
In each document you can declare no more than 1000 items.
Corrections and errors in filling out are not allowed.
The declaration must be drawn up in 4 copies and consists of a main sheet and additional forms. The main sheet indicates information on one commodity, and on the additional forms – on other goods (not more than three on one sheet).

Form and samples of filling in the export declaration can be found and downloaded in advance on specialized websites. The documentation is drawn up in the language of the producing country, but the main points must be translated into Russian in order to pass the Russian customs. At the same time it is necessary to carefully monitor the accuracy of the translation, otherwise the information specified in the declaration may be recognized unreliable.

Correct execution of the export declaration is a prerequisite for foreign economic activity. If the information provided in it is inaccurate, the goods intended for export may be confiscated, or the owner will be fined from 50 to 200% of their value.

In order to avoid loss of time and money, it is necessary to use the services of a company that has a special license and experience in this sphere, as knowledge of all the nuances of customs clearance of goods will help to avoid many problems.

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